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It's that time of year again! Soon it will be my domain's 9th birthday, which means I need to pay the hosting bill again. And, because I registered so long ago, I still have to pay 12 bucks a month. When they said the cost would never change, they meant it wouldn't go down, either.

I made enough money around christmas to order my presents the day after, but ebay is tight again, and I need help. There are many was you can contribute!

I recently updated all of my cafepress shops. Did you know they have maternity shirts now?
There are all sorts of neat things at my etsy store:
Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade
And of course there are some great deals from me on ebay.

If you can't afford these, you can donate whatever you want with this:
Donate towards my web hosting bill!
Anybody who donates with this and includes their address will get a little thank you gift as soon as I can pull it together--I have magnets, art cards and little pamphlet books.

Please help if you can. I love you.
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Actually, this went up in August, but I've been too lazy to do anything but get my own:
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Get one here.
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I am particularly fond of this one:

But maybe you'd prefer one of these?

There are bunnies for a few other designs as well:
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I'm bleeding again..
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Look what I made!

You know you want one.

new stuff

Oct. 17th, 2002 01:09 am
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So, cafepress added new products. Here are two of my favorites:

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