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More of my huge collection:

After Earth was a birthday present from Steve. You can see my other presents with it here.

Just a reminder to please check out all my different tumblr blogs:
Crafts for Assholes
Bad Book Covers
Comics Sans Contest
movie time
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I had this huge fucking pile of books for my collection I hadn't photographed yet. So I took pictures.

The Core and Rise of the Guardians were gifts from my brother, Steve.
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I had to retake this one because of an error.
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Bottom four were christmas presents.
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This place is great for my collection.

I love this thing, it's like a little wardrobe for my jewelry.
Feel free to tell me you hate it.

Also I found a bunch of these:

Went to bed, was too sore to sleep. Conclusion: shouldn't have had the glass of Coke with dinner.
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The best thing about the Dinocroc book is that it exists.
The second-best thing is that it's ex-library..
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The two on the upper right were birthday presents.
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Well, I decorated picture frames, anyway:
Now I have to figure out what to do with the rest of them..

Also, more of my collection!
Top three were presents from Steve.
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Three of these were birthday presents from Steve.
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Okay, the library I usually shop at seems determined to price me out. At the end of the month they are raising prices to a buck for paperbacks and two for hardbacks. I can't do that and make any money.

Anyhoo, look at more books from my collection:

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