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I made so much stuff. Twenty new listings in the handmade stuff store. Here's some of it!

Shit magnets!




Rainbow bracelet I really like.

Nifty animal necklaces.

Eyeball magnets or thumbtacks!

Lovecraftian box!

Autumn jewelry box! (I worked REALLY hard on this.)

All of this stuff and more can be found in this shop section.

I did not get paid for that article I wrote and I'm not sure what to do about it.
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I was GONNA post about this before I was even sure it was going to happen. But anyway.

I wrote an article for sheknows.ca about wacky things you can make with underwires.
Please check it out, I'm really proud of it.
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I recently added a section to my etsy store that's just handbound books.

Here are some recent books I've made (right now they're on page 2 of the section):

Other stuff I did:

You can buy this gorgeous box here.

Rude bracelet what glows in the dark.

Pretty, cool skull bracelet.
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You can buy everything here.
I made the pendants into necklaces and they're all in the same listing.

I made earrings too, but I did not put them on etsy.

Also today I made strawberry cupcakes and they turned out really well.

I'm very tired and I only have 50 bucks in the bank right now.
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Here's how I've been keeping busy while sleep-deprived.
Little felt critters:

and a box that took a while:

I miss breathing through my nose.
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This is better than the last one, but probably still not good enough for the baby.

Did way better with the sewing, except I had to rip the arms off and sew them back on.
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So watching TV or looking at the computer screen too long has been making me ill, so I tried sewing a sock bunny.

I am not good at sewing.
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I made it with duct tape! Found the idea in a kids' craft book called The Kid's Guide to Duct Tape Projects. Kids' craft books are so much more useful than the ones for adults.

It definitely has a back:

I just got a photobucket account, but right now my policy is not to replace images unless someone asks about them.

Except for CFA, that I fixed last night.

Going to the dentist tomorrow morning, taking full advantage of having dental insurance.
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So I have like a bajillion things to do, including stare at a painting and try to figure out where the hell to put the monster, but I wanted to show you some of the stuff I've been making.

I've been making all sorts of shit lately, not just for Crafts for Assholes, either. Making stuff makes me feel less in the grip of abject despair, if you know what I mean.

I made some candles, this is probably the neatest:

Then I started making these, which are pretty:

Those can be found here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/honeylaura?section_id=11724271
I also did these, but have only put up one:

These are just cool:

Then I started getting into doing these, none of which I've figured out how to sell yet:

Made a keychain out of one of these:

I've made some sets of bottle cap thumb tacks.
Also, some goofy dragon magnets:

I made these. I have four. Hopefully they will sell.


Today I finished these. The mechagodzilla one was a lot of work. Man it looks cool though. It's MINE.

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Here's the newest stuff I put in my stuff I made etsy store:
decoupaged tin:

bottle cap thumbtacks:

broccoli monsters:

monstered thrift store paintings:

more tins

Feb. 22nd, 2013 11:55 pm
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Guess which was the big pain in the ass and which was easy.

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You can buy them (and many other neat things) here.
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So For Christmas, Rona gave us all the flu.

Most of it went away in two weeks, but now I think my old cough is coming back.

On the other hand, Steve gave me this:

Isn't she cool?

I made myself a tin covered with art from a Godzilla comic, but then I put on the lid and it wouldn't come back off:

It's a nice place to keep Mothra, anyway.

On the first I re-started Bad Book covers here.

And I finally did a new blog post!
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Chibi Grape Ape & friends (color blanks):

Made wrapping paper with newspaper, spray paint, silver paint & string.
It kind of sucks and spray paint is expensive.

But all the presents got wrapped.

I made my holiday cards this year (spoilers):

Stop dreading getting the snowman, I didn't send that one out.

Go read Crafts for Assholes, please.

Oh, and I'm still sick. Coughed until my nose bled--and even longer!--tonight.
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What do you think? Sellable?

Also made this for my stepbrother:

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Hey, remember my etsy store?

It's time I reminded you. I have made these fancy things for you:

Magnet sets.


Link again: http://www.etsy.com/shop/honeylaura?section_id=11724271

Sorry I haven't been posting lately, been sick.
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Better picture of this guy?

This is my favorite one so far. I love her.
It was Steve's idea to mix up two figures like that.

This one could have turned out better. He just looks lopsided.
If you recognize who this is supposed to be, it was my brother's idea!
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A "Clip-a-Blank" and his Mini friend:

Minis and vending machine Eduardo:

More minis with vending machine Bloo:

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