Oct. 22nd, 2014 09:27 pm
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So I am going to do a VERY belated stuff I made post in a couple minutes, but I just looked at my bank account and had to calculate how much gas I could buy ($25 bucks worth) and still leave enough in my account to pay the poor tax so they didn't shut me down THIS month, and I'm kinda freaking out.

Please stand by.
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So were're in the cemetery, and my Uncle Denny puts the box of ashes in the hole and we all sprinkle a little dirt on it.

Then his girlfriend Lucy says, "Well, Mim, you got your wish. On top of Harold for eternity."

I drove so much yesterday that the heel of my pedal foot hurt all night. Spent the night at Steve's.

Have you seen my new Crafts for Assholes post?


Apr. 14th, 2012 06:33 pm
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2 live auctions on today. Handmade book: zilch. Bunch of tiny hangers I got when I ordered decorative paper from Klutz: 28 motherfucking dollars.

I should be ecstatic, but somehow, not so much.


Mar. 8th, 2012 04:00 pm
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Just got a call that my insurance isn't paying for my ultrasound.
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I was really looking forward to Errol Morris's new movie, Tabloid. So much so that I put it right at the top of my netflix queue, even over the "very long wait" disc that has been there since I opened the account. So I returned All that Jazz (which is terrible) and waited with anticipation for the notify.. which said I was getting 28 Days Later.

Tabloid is no longer on the website, let alone in my queue.

What the actual fuck?
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Steve and I were going back to his place from the train station, and it was raining. I'd never driven in the dark when it was raining before, so I was staying below the speed limit so as not to fuck up. We were at the stoplight before you get to Steve's place, some guy was tailgating me and the car in front of me was going slowly and then there was the big jolting crunch.

I pulled over past the intersection and immediately started having hysterics. You know, in that useful way I have. Steve told me to calm down and then jumped out of the car to see the damage. He was pissed off and I believe the word "motherfucker" and some threats of harm were uttered.

I guess standing in the rain waiting for the light to change cooled him down a bit, though, because there was no blood on him when he got back in the car with the insurance info.

I'm so lucky Steve was there, because it took me forever (it seemed) to stop crying uncontrollably.

No damage to my father's car was visible in the dark and the rain, I guess we'll see.

I was having such a good day, too.


Sep. 14th, 2011 06:30 pm
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Went to the big supermarket with Rona this afternoon, and she let me get three different chocolate things from the bakery for lunch AND paid for them.

So I was feeling great until we got in the checkout line. Right before it was my turn to check out, something happened to the left tendon in my left knee, there was a severe pain, and I nearly went down.

So now my super lunch is ruined.

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It's snow-raining today. I'm never getting to this book sale.
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heeee hee.. hoooo..
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Eighteen bucks for THIS? Or this?

Makes me wonder why I bother.
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Had the ultrasound Monday--well, two of them actually. I was on that table for nearly an hour, and about half of that she was waving a stick around in my vagina. While I was in stirrups. UNPADDED stirrups. I hate everything.

Anyway, got the results from the nice lady at the gynecologist's today--seems I have fibroids in my uterus. Which she says is nothing to worry about but it means Morena is right out because it probably wouldn't stay up there.

Which means I'm back taking pills at the start of every month. I wouldn't have had to go through with this garbage if she'd just REMEMBERED THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Also I'm out of library books.

But I love you.
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Saw a baby bunny rabbit out front.

Also I found a new lump. It's below my rib cage, almost in the center of my chest. Its name is Bob.

Slept all day.


Apr. 20th, 2010 06:02 pm
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I woke up from my nap and discovered that not only did I hurt like hell (almost as if someone had stabbed me in the face!), but I was bleeding. The incision was slowly leaking. Rona called the doctor and was told I should come right over.

She had an appointment, so my father drove me. We got there without incident, and my nose was numbed once again. Then there were more stitches. On the way home, my father took a wrong turn and it took a while to get home.

This is probably my first big nosebleed on the OUTSIDE of my nose.

God, I pity me.
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I just got off the phone with the plastic surgeon who cut my warts off. He says they're cancerous and he's going to have to cut off more of my nose. I'll need stitches.

Fuck, I hate needles.

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