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The library is having a bag sale, and a look at my bank account has me wondering how far my car will run without gas.

Anyway, updates.

FINALLY had my disability hearing. It was very stressful.

Especially since the lawyer deliberately told me some bullshit to fuck with my head.

The whole thing was a logistical clusterfuck because I needed a witness. My dad can't go anywhere there might be gluten around. And Steve categorically refused. So Rona had to be my witness. But I can't push her fucking wheelchair. So I had to ask Steve to take the day off work and help me. Luckily, he did.

Anyway, I won't hear one way or another until like 2 months from now. By which time it will be too late to get some warm pants.

Ahh, all my problems circle back to money.

One of the cats was determined to lick a hole in herself, so now she's in the cone of shame.

This has made her extra cuddly, which is nice.

Oh, and I made a bunch of stuff I will try to show you in the next few days.

To end this on a happy note, the most recent Crafts for Assholes post really took off, which is neat.

Tell me about you!
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Cupcake on the table, Sassy on the chair.

Cupcake again.

Sassy on my stepmother's desk.

Sassy close-up.

Cupcake where my butt had just been.

Sassy guarding the food.
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A Sassy in repose:
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fixed car:

Sassy cat:

Cupcake cat:

Turns out it helps if you can pet them while taking pictures.
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A Sassy in a box.

A Cupcake being all cuppy and cakey.
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I imagine them saying something like this:
"Hey, check out my asshole! Isn't it awesome? Tell me how pretty my asshole looks. Come on... Well, that sounded half-hearted. Maybe you need to look at it some more. Yipes! What was that breeze?"

(If I get the asshole pose for too long, I blow at it.)
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A while back I posted scans of this book with the original illustrations. I love them , some people found them disturbing. I wonder how those people feel about the 1994 version?

(I am unimpressed.)

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Left to right: Cupcake, Sassy.


Jan. 16th, 2010 02:38 pm
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I made some more magnets:
Can't believe it took me so long to figure out I could have a Snoopy on his typewriter one. I love Snoopy on his typewriter.

Look at my Cupcake!

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Sassy made a nest of packing paper:

And the Cupcake is into boxes:


Apr. 2nd, 2009 08:04 pm
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I don't know how she does it..

Cupcake was just confused because I woke her up.
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The problem is that since Cupcake lives on my bed, it is easier to get good shots of her--so consequently I take fewer photos.

(Here Cupcake was talking to me. Well, chittering. Like she does at the birds.)

Sassy is not impressed by me OR my flashy box.

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Hit Print screen to take a picture of your desktop. Then paste it into your graphics program. Then post your desktop here for everyone to see.
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Lots of picture-taking today.


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I saw a book at the library sale called How to Talk to Your Cat. I didn't pick it up, but I'm sure it covers such important phrases as, "You want to go out? Cat out?" and "Who's a fuzzy girl? [Name of cat]'s a fuzzy girl!" not to mention the old classic, "Please stop aiming your asshole at my nose."

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