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Dec. 5th, 2011 06:50 pm
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I went over to Steve's on Saturday and we started a craft project so I didn't get home until tonight. We had a lot of fun. We're working on something really weird we hope to finish next weekend. Here's a preview:

There is glitter everywhere, and we were pretty careful. If it turns out, though, it will be awesome. Perhaps in the original sense of the word.


Nov. 7th, 2011 01:10 am
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I made this on Friday:

It's a flourless chocolate cake with espresso in it, topped with caramel with Kahlua in it.
My father and I love it. Steve said it tastes like meat.

Speaking of Steve..

I love my brother.

I also love Beartato, so it's cool to see them hanging out.

Here are some things Steve made.
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It has been a hell of a busy day today, friends and casual glancers.

I had an appointment at 7:45 AM, you see, wherein my driving instructor came by and we went up to the examination center and did a couple of run-throughs before I was scheduled. Then I took the driving test.

I PASSED! I passed, I passed, IpassedIpassedIpassed!

You are reading a licensed driver. Fear me. C'mon, fear me. Please?

Anyway, when I got home I ate some food and took possession of my new go phone (which I can't get to work, but that's another story) and called my brother. Then I borrowed the car.

I had a doughnut (but not in my father's car) and went to the book sale over where my brother used to live. On the way back I stopped for gas, which was embarrassing, but not disastrous.

And now I am very tired.
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Why doesn't my paperback look like this?
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